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  • About This Site

    I started this site in 2014 when I first started thinking about buying a Tesla.


    Back then, I was working as a product manager at Google. I figured it was time to try to use my Harvard MBA and McKinsey consulting background for something useful, so put together a cost of ownership model with my co-worker and friend, Travis (who was a Bain consultant but has also been described in the press as a "brain consultant," which I think is actually not far from the truth and is, IMHO, far more impressive).


    I get inquiries nearly every week about the model, so I've decided to give the site a facelift, start an updated model for the Model X and Model ☰ (aka Model 3), and now that I'm approaching 3 years of ownership, share about whether I would make the same decision again if I could go back in time.


    You can find me on Twitter @pakile.


    Note: I do not work (and have not worked) for Tesla, and am not related to anyone who works at Tesla. I am an investor in Tesla, but own so few shares that no one at Tesla knows or cares who I am.

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